Crocheting, Crocheting, Crocheting…

I’ve been very, very cold this winter and apparently, so have other people. My 4th Ladies, Crochet, & Potluck event has come and gone and crochet orders have been coming in. I’ve ventured out into new items and I’m having fun seeing what I can make for gifts (and for profit – profit is nice lol).

I certainly appreciate all of the crochet gurus out there that post free crochet patterns. I haven’t paid for a pattern to date and that helps since I’m also looking for work.

Here are a few of the links I use to obtain free crochet patterns and some of the items I’ve made:

Two-Toned Scarf

Two-Toned Scarf. TC + HDC

Asymmetrical Shawl

Asymmetrical Poncho.  I added a fold-down collar.

Asymmetrical Poncho pattern designed by Kristen Droke



Video for Cowl & Infinity Scarf by The Crochet Crowd

Cowl - Laid flat

Cowl – Laid flat

Infant Car Seat Cover

Infant Car Seat Cover

Infant Car Seat Pattern From String With Style

Boot Cuffs

Boot Cuffs

Belmont Boot Toppers by Life Adorned

Boot cuffs - Peeking out of boots

Boot cuffs – Peeking out of boots

Two blogs that always have something I want to crochet are Moogly and Elk Studio. I’m in the process of making a mini tablet cozy, an infinity scarf, and a 1/2 crib baby blanket. How about you?

Happy Crocheting!


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