Second Event Scheduled for March 23, 2013

Ladies, come out, bring a friend And a DISH to the 2nd Ladies, Crochet & Potluck event!
Start or finish making something for yourself,
Complete an item you already started,
Learn how to crochet,
Learn a new stitch,
or Make something for someone else.
Bring a crochet hook – AC Moore or Walmart if you don’t already own one.
Purchase a large-sized hook, at least a size “J” if you’re a beginner, and some bulky yarn or choose from the yarn I have!
Check YouTube for “How To” videos. A few suggestions:
Try to find a babysitter if you can. I just want to make sure you can enjoy yourself without worrying about being on mommy-duty at the same time.
Free patterns can be found online to make anything you want! Print out (or download to your tablet) what you want to make and bring it with you.
Let me know if you would like to be added to the evite.
Happy Crocheting!
DipticCowls and Scarves

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